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Why did you choose Gretna Green

June 26, 2015  •  2 Comments


If you are about to get married in any of the Gretna Green venues or have been married in one in the past please let us know how you found out about Gretna Green and what your experience was like, did you have a civil or religious service and what other services you used....

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Susan Mascoll McGarr(non-registered)
We choose Gretna because as a child I had heard about Gretna. Neither of us wanted a large, extravagant wedding, choosing instead to focus on us and our time together, and wanted to combine our wedding with our honeymoon. We contacted Gretna and they guided us through the process. Everyone involved were the nicest, most helpful people – the Gretna Registration Office, The Gables Hotel, Colin Carpenter. So many things could have gone wrong, especially since all arrangements were handled via eMail and post from Canada to Scotland. I located Colin Carpenter via the web and emailed him approximately a month before our wedding date. Colin came through for us and provided us with a photo package the day after our wedding when we left Scotland for Spain– STELLAR! We flew to Scotland (from Canada) a few days before our wedding and stayed at the Gables Hotel. We went down to the registration office and checked our documents; acted as witnesses for a young couple, (our friends who flew in from Europe for our ceremony took some photos for them); and the next day got married at The Old Blacksmith’s Shop with our friends as witnesses. That week in 2003 August was one of the hottest on record – it was so hot that train tracks were melting and trains were delayed. Our train from Carlisle to Manchester was delayed for hours, but we were one of the lucky ones, making it in time to Manchester for our flight to Europe. Ah, memories.
Debbie Craig(non-registered)
Why did we choose Gretna? Well it was second time for both of us and the romantic aspect of just eloping and then telling everyone we were married appealed as we had been living together for over 10 years, it had been a dream of mine for many years and luckily hubby was happy to go along with it, yes we upset a few people along the way but your wedding day should be just that the day you both want, a special day to look back on with happiness not regret!!!!
We had a simple civil ceremony last September 2014, we stayed at the Hazeldene Hotel which meant we could walk the 2 mins to the World Famous Blacksmiths for the ceremony, had Au Naturel a couple of local girls to do my hair (thanks Michelle it was exactly how i wanted it despite not discussing it previously) and make up (Laura) on the morning and of course we had Colin Carpenter do our wedding photographs who was fantastic helping to put us at our ease as neither of us likes having photo's taken, we loved them so much we had a hard time choosing for the album but soon had a list of reprints we wanted for family and friends.
It took 10 weeks of planning once we had a confirmed date and time, the hardest part was keeping it a secret from family and friends
Thanks to everyone who helped make the day special xx
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